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Magnetic Downhole Deviation Tool

 On Site Data Processing

Quickly setting up the dip of drilling rig

Available in 30 mm or 36 mm diameter

MDBSS is a magnetic borehole survey system , that presents the azimuth and Dip with the highest accuracy followed by checking of data quality in non-magnetic areas.

MDBSS based on the Force Blanked MEMS inclinometer and Fluxgate Magnetometer sensors. Three fluxgate magnetometers measure the local magnetic field and provide the azimuth relative to magnetic north. Three inclinometer provide the dip and the rotation relative to gravity. The MDBSS software includes a Quality Check parameter with a user determined magnetic field threshold to determine survey data that is outside the range of acceptable magnetic disturbance.

MDBSS is applicable in oriented and vertical borehole in non-magnetic areas such as mines or  grout curtain and you can operate in single shot, multi shot mode.

Due to MPDSS small diameter you can survey smallest borehole such as bores that piezometer pipe located on

This tool reduces the risk of missing the tool inside of the boreholebecause the tool can be attached to the end of rods with 5 meter non magnetic aluminum spacer rods.

MDBSS measure seven parameter include magnetic azimuth, dip, gravity roll angle , magnetic roll angle , temperature, magnetic field strength and magnetic dip angle.

  • Work in all drilling sizes
  • Setting up the dip of drilling machine in a few minutes
  • Accurate in all non-magnetic areas
  • The smallest survey tool with the diameter of 36 mm (the set of sensor and running gear)
  • High accuracy and user-friendly
  • 2 GB internal memory
  • Displaying the path in 3D
  • Operational up to 20 hours constantly

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Download MPDSS Catalog (English)