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Non Magnetic Borehole Survey System

Multi Purpose Digital Survey System 

 On Site Data Processing

Quickly setting up the dip of drilling rig

Accurate and fast measurement   (up to 100 m/min)


MPDSS is quite a multifunctional survey system that can meet all your needs when it comes to using the device in all areas and directions with the lowest price ever. What makes this device different from other similar systems is the way it works in very vertical boreholes that makes it into an accurate and very fast tool to measure the real azimuth inside the vertical borehole.

MPDSS including high accuracy inclinometer and gyroscope to measure Dip and Azimuth. This device can operate in single shot, multi shot or continuous mode. In continuous mode you can survey borehole quickly ( up to 100 meter per min )  with Wireline and be sure the data is still accurate.

By using MPDSS , it is possible to survey the oriented and vertical borehole in all areas such as mines or  grout curtain . This tool reduces the risk of missing the tool inside of the borehole because the tool is used in the drill string. moreover, the required data collected as accurate as you think.

MPDSS has another feature that is the very light weight it has and let you evaluate the smallest boreholes with 36 mm using the least equipment you have.

primary orientation inside the borehole could be done accurately and very quickly.


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Download MPDSS Catalog (English)



Dip> ± 0.05°
X , Y Tilt ± 0.005°
Azimuth ± 0.5° Per station (single or multi shot mode) and 1°/h (degree per hour in continuous mode)
Gravity Roll ± 0.05°
Temperature ± 1°
Operating Range
Dip - 90° to + 90°
X , Y Tilt - 90° to + 90°
Azimuth 0° to 360°
Roll - 180° to + 180°
Temperature -5 °C to +85 °C
Dip 0.01°
X , Y Tilt 0.0035°
Azimuth 0.1°
Roll 0.05°
Temperature 0.1°
Storage Temp -30 °C to +110 °C
Sensor Physical Characteristics
Length 80 cm
Diameter 28 mm
Weight 2.5 kg
Running Gear Physical Characteristics
Length Up To 5 Meter
Diameter 36 , 38 , 40 , 45 , 50 mm (On Request)
Material Brass Or Aluminum
Communication Serial /Wireless
Battery Rechargeable 4400 mah Li-ion
Continuous Operating Time 20 Hour
Run-Up Time 35 sec >
Max Sample Rate 256 Hz
Memory Capacity 2 GB