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Tilt Beam Sensor


Quickly setting up the dip of drilling rig

Available in 30 mm or 36 mm diameter

The Tilt beam sensor consists of an high performance MEMS capacitive tilt sensor attached to a rigid metal beam. The beam, which is typically one , two or more meters long, is mounted on anchor bolts that are set into the structure. Movement of the structure changes the tilt of the beam and the output of the sensor.

Displacements are calculated by subtracting the initial tilt reading from the current tilt reading and multiplying by the gauge length of the sensor (the distance between anchors). When sensors are linked end to end, displacement values can be accumulated from anchor to anchor to provide a profile of differential movements or settlements.


High Resolution: The TBS sensor can detect a change in tilt as small as 0.001 degree, equivalent to a movement of 0.017 mm per meter of beam.

Reliable Measurements: Since the TBS sensor has a defined gauge length, changes in tilt can be converted simply and accurately to millimeters of movement, regardless of the rigidity of the structure. Linked end to end, beam sensors can provide absolute displacement and settlement profiles.

Convenient to Install: A low profile design makes the TBS sensor practical to install in tunnels and other locations where clearance is important. The length of the beam can be modified to fit the structure, and special mounting brackets provide easy installation on curved or distorted surfaces.

Simple and Robust: The MEMS sensor has no moving parts, and its insulated packaging provides thermal symmetry, shielding it from the effects of temperature gradients and radiated heat.

Remote Readout: In real time applications, TBS are connected to a data acquisition system that continuously monitors movements and triggers alarms when threatening movements are detected. In less critical applications, beam sensors can be read manually at a remote terminal box with a hand held readout.

Cost Effective: The TBS provides reliable, high-resolution measurements, is simple to install, and is easily connected to a data acquisition system. It represents an efficient and economical alternative to precision leveling surveys and settlement profiling systems.

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