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Portable Tiltmeter

Easy to Install

Easy to Use

Rugged, Reliable, and Accurate

 The portable tiltmeter uses a force-balanced servo-accelerometer to measure inclination. The accelerometer is housed in a rugged frame with machined surfaces that facilitate accurate positioning on the tilt plate. The bottom surface is used with horizontally-mounted tilt plates and the side surfaces are used with vertically-mounted tilt plates

The portable tiltmeter is used to monitor changes in the inclination of a structure. Tiltmeter data can provide an accurate history of movement of a structure and early warning of potential structural damage.

readout unit can be away from sensor up to 20 meter.To obtain tilt readings, the operator connects the tiltmeter to the readout unit, positions the tiltmeter on the tilt plate, and save data in internal memory. The operator then rotates the tiltmeter 180 degrees and obtains a second reading. Later, the two readings are averaged to cancel sensor offset. Changes in tilt are found by comparing the current reading to the initial reading.

Readings in two orthogonal directions can be obtained rotating the instrument of 90° only on the horizontal surface.

Typical applications include:

Monitoring rotation caused by mining, tunneling, soil compaction, or excavation.

Monitoring rotation of concrete dams and retaining walls.



Easy to Install

Easy to Use

Rugged, Reliable, and Accurate

Uniaxial or biaxial sensors available

Horizontal or vertical applications

Readout units and portable sensors are lightweight

Data logger compatible

High accuracy and repeatability


Increase Productivity

Quick Delivery

High Accuracy

High Reliability



Monitor tilt of retaining and building walls.

Tilt of concrete dams

Landslide monitoring

Ground subsidence

Building safety along adjacent excavations

Applications where the failure mode is expected to have a rotational component

Differential compression in earth dams and embankments

Observation of benches and berms in open pit mines

Bridge piers



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General Specification

Sensor Type

High Precision MEMS


Horizontal ,  Vertical


Uniaxial & Biaxial


±10°,±15°,±30° (±90° on Request)

Sensor Specification

Sensor sensitivity

0.0013° (4.68 arc-sec) (24 bit ADC)

Sensor total accuracy

± 0.013 %/ °C


0.002° (0.03 mm/m)

Sensor temperature dependency

± 0.005 %/ °C


storage range

-30 °C  to  +110 °C

operating range

-25°C to +80°C


Digital Temperature sensor


-25°C to +80°C


±1 °C



Rechargeable Li-ion 4400mAh

Continuous Operating

Up to 20 Hour





100*80*70 mm ( L,W,H)


Stainless Steel or Aluminum